• It was eight years ago that same-sex marriages became legally recognized in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts after the landmark case of Goodridge v. Department of Public Health.  At that time Massachusetts became the only state in the nation to legally recognize gay and lesbian marriages.   Even before the Commonwealth began honoring same-sex marriages, doom […]

  • You are walking down the street and you run into a friend.  Although you went to his/her wedding, over the years you lost touch.  You talk for a while and exchange pleasantries. You ask how the family is when the friend responds, “Well, I just got divorced.” What do you say in response?  Most people […]

  • Imagine, if you could, a mother of two children, say ages 7 and 4.  Let’s say this mother- let’s call her Beth – has just today served her estranged husband – call him Jim –with divorce papers.  It’s been a long time coming.  Jim moved out the previous year due to his drinking and abusive […]