• A judge sits at the bench as a Mother and Father going through a painful divorce argue through their lawyers about the latest crisis. Mother claims Father has refused to pay for the children’s extracurricular activities; Father claims that he does not have the money. The judge is about ready to rule in Mother’s favor […]

  • You are a parent, walking along a relatively empty sidewalk, your 7 year-old child holding your hand. Fifty feet behind you is Walter, a 44 year old ex-convict with a criminal record that includes theft, assault, petty larceny and check fraud. He has never married, but he has a child who he has not seen […]

  • “If I get divorced, the least of my problems will be what happens to my car.”   “My husband and I are made for each other; there is no way we would ever get divorced.”   “We are about to start off on a new relationship and I think it sets a bad tone to […]

  • Over the last twenty years (or so) there has been an abundance of men (and some women) who claim they can speak to the dead (As Michael Shermer puts it, “Talking to the dead is easy; the real trick is getting them to talk back.”).  Maybe the most well-known of these “mediums” is James van […]

  • It is not very often that a lawyer realizes significant change in their field of expertise.  Criminal Attorneys will not wake up one day and read that arson is no longer a crime; estate planning attorneys will never have to worry about Wills no longer being allowed in the Courts; and its unlikely that collection […]